Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nashville: America's Biggest Cupcake Decorating Event

By: Christy

One of my favorite baked goods to make are cupcakes, and not just plain jane regular cupcakes but pretty cupcakes! I'm always looking for new ideas and tips when it comes to my baked good's decor and that is why I couldn't be more sad to find out that I will be out of town the day that America's Biggest Cupcake Decorating Event will be in Nashville.

If you love baking cupcakes and need some hands on pointers on making decorated gourmet cupcakes at home then totally hit up this event. They offer two main events: Cupcake Decorating 101 and a Mommy & Me class.

So whether you are totally clueless, just need to brush up your skills, or if you want a fun family bonding experience check out this event coming up in Nashville, October 1st. Other upcoming cities will be Charlotte and Oklahoma City.

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