Thursday, September 8, 2011

Product Review: That's My Pan!

By: Christy

If ever in doubt of a gift to give me for a special occasion, think "kitchen stuff". I love new bakeware, tools, gadgets, and everything in-between. My grandmother must have realized because she really hit the nail on the head with one of her recent gifts. She gave me a "That's My Pan" pie pan.

As you can tell from this blog, I'm always up to some sort of baking. Being the single gal that I am means that I end up taking a lot of what i make out and about. Whether it be to work, a friend, or a party, I end up with dishes, pans, plates, etc EVERYWHERE!

Not that my name written on the bottom with a permanent marker isn't the most super classy way to keep track of my things, but I think That's MyPan may have my sharpie beat. ;) Basically, it is a personalized pan. The pie pan has a snap on lid (also making the pan very portable) with my first and last name and a cute little design on top. The bottom pan also has my full name engraved on the backside leaving it impossible for my name to wash off or wear away ever again. In-Genius!!

After doing a little research I found out that That's My Pan personalizes all types of bakeware in addition to other things like coffee mugs, cutting boards, bottles and kitchen utensils coming in an assortment of colors and designs. Prices run a little higher than average bakeware but you're paying for items that are above and beyond average.

With Christmas creeping up on us yet again, keep this golden nugget in mind. Not only is personalized kitchenware creative and thoughtful but most bakers would be happy to have That's Man Pan items in their kitchen.

Happy Baking!!! 

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