Saturday, December 24, 2011

Party Tips

This year mom and I got to attend an open house/Christmas party at my Uncle's house. Among some of the 100+ guests, this party was perfectly hosted down to a beautiful home, musical entertainment, Christmas decorations, and delicious food and drinks. I wish I had taken more pictures to show off!! (I actually only snapped a picture of me and her and a picture of the mini cupcakes they served for dessert.) My mom and I both thought the mini cupcakes were a perfect touch for a mini bite sized dessert for a large party. They were served in vanilla, red velvet, and chocolate and were simply garnished with either a butterscotch or chocolate chip and each had a small amount of icing. The sterling silver tiered serving piece really set the mode for the occasion, dressing up a simple mini cupcake to be cocktail attire appropriate.

If you are planning a party remember people want delicious food, not necessarily just beautiful food. Using serving pieces and decorations you can turn any treat into a beautiful or fun tablescape to fit whatever occasion you are celebrating. Also, keep in mind at large parties to keep food items small, easy to eat (possibly with one hand if seating is limited and something that requires no/few utensils), and as mess free as possible.

If you had a party this season, I wish you best of luck being the hostess with the mostest and if you need any help please feel free to email us questions at anytime!

Happy Holidays!

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