Thursday, January 5, 2012

Low-Cal Chocolate Trifle


Happy New Year!!  Since the new year is here most of us need to slow the eating down and try to lose a few of the pounds that we picked up over the last few months.  I've been dieting on and off since I was 12 years old.  The first diet I went on was the Adkins diet, and I lost quite a bit of weight right before I went to high school.  I do think the low carbohydrate diet works but I have to have my sweets, so I try to stick to Weight Watchers.  I think it is the best eating plan and something that you can do anywhere with any food.  Weight Watchers to me is a way of life.  I wish I had more will power to choose right.  It's all about portion control and writing down what you eat!
I decided to make Chocolate Trifle for this first low calorie category week.  I've taken it to church potlucks and people love it.  It looks really appetizing and tastes good too.  If you don't tell people it's low fat/cal, they would never know.  I love my chocolate so this satisfies that craving. 

1 pkg low fat brownie mix
1/2 cup chopped pecans
2 large pkg sugar free instant chocolate pudding
1 large lite whipped topping
chopped pecans or mini chocolate chips

Make brownies according to package sprinkling pecans on top of the brownie mixture.  When brownies are cool, make the pudding using skim milk according to the package.  Let the pudding rest until it is getting a little firm - about 5 minutes.  Crumble up the brownie into a trifle dish or individual serving dishes. 

Add a layer of pudding and then cool whip. 

 Layer with brownie, pudding and cool whip again.  Sprinkle the top with pecans or mini chocolate chips. 

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