Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Product Review: Cupcake / Cake Carrier

By Christy

There are some things you buy and after using your new purchase a few times you begin to wonder how you ever lived with out it. There are a few things that come to mind when I think of these kinds of items.

This carrier has silicon sides that can collapse down to one layer but also expands and can hold up to 24 cupcakes and a 3 tier cake. It is very sturdy and there is no scare of the sides collapsing by accident or the floor bottoming out due to a heavy cake. I have never had cupcakes or cakes get messed up while being transported in this carrier and it is by far one of my favorite baking tools I have ever purchased, especially since I love taking my baked goods outside the home.

The carrier is big but it fits perfectly in my spare refrigerator and I keep it stored collapsed. It is easy to clean and I have even put the cupcake and bottom in the dishwasher. All around, I give this product an A+ and highly recommend it to all our of our readers. I actually found mine at TJMaxx but if you want to get one for yourself, check out this link. Happy Baking!

1 comment:

Katrina F. said...

I have this exact cupcake carrier! I couldn't live without it. Love reading the blog! Keep it up :)