Monday, July 30, 2012

Cindy's Birthday

Rarely do I write anything that is not baking related but today I felt like sharing a few little personal notes. Saturday was my mom's birthday. Mom, Sarah, Carter (Sarah's toddler) and myself headed off to Florida, not only for a little girl time, but also to celebrate another year of my mother's wonderful existence for a few days.
Of course we had to have something sweet to celebrate! :)
First and foremost, I want to say how thankful I am for my mother's birth! :) (Thanks Grandma Kate)  And secondly, I want to thank my mother for birthing me and being a wonderful mother and role model.

Carter building his first sand castle

Looking back since her last birthday its crazy to think of how much our family's lives have changed, especially my mother's-- it's almost unrecognizable. New town, new house, new job, new friends... new life. It is obvious that all of us are entering into a new chapter in life as we grow older (and hopefully wiser) and one thing God guarantee's us (well besides death and taxes lol) is that change is 100% certain. This year my mother's birthday reminded me of that and also reminded me how difficult change can be- Change is hard. It is new and uncharted territory. Change means not knowing what to expect....which can be super scary!

Sarah and Mom beach bound

As a blogger, readers get to see our lives unfold to some degree but we have no idea what is going on in the lives of our readers. Today and in honor of my mother's birthday and to any of you who are going through a change, I ask you to embrace the changes in your life and remember that it's the changes in our lives that take us on a journey and without it we would miss out on so many new, exciting, and different experiences, emotions, relationships, trips, etc. Carpe Diem!             Christy

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This looks amazing so happy I found your fab blog! Thank you for sharing your talent. Excited I found your blog!