Monday, July 16, 2012

Low Fat Peach Cobbler

by Cindy
I love the fresh fruits and vegetables that come with the summer season.  I've enjoyed green beans and tomatoes from my little garden. I made a BLT last night just to enjoy my delicious tomatoes.   I'm disappointed though that my garden hasn't produced any green peppers.  I love stuffed bell peppers, and I hate to buy the green peppers when I'm so close to having some free.  I miss the fresh sweet corn that I could get so easily on the farm, but I've had a couple of good ears from the vegetable stand at KY lake. 

 I just love eating fresh peaches that are ripe and naturally sweet.  I decided to make this recipe because it reminds me of the low fat cakes that use the cake mix and diet soda, which are delicious.  This is a very similar recipe but you just put fresh or frozen fruit in first and then add the cake mix and diet 7up.  There is no mixing, because if you do mix it will be more cake like and less crumbly like a crust.  I didn't add any sweetener to the fruit but if you wanted it to be sweeter, you could add sugar or splenda.  The recipe I used was for berries but I think any fruit would work, fresh or frozen.  It's very quick and easy to make, and top it off with a little low fat or low sugar ice cream for that finishing touch.   

Two 12-oz bags frozen mixed berries or fresh fruit (about 7 peaches)
1 box white cake mix (no pudding)
1 can of diet 7-up or sierra mist (clear soda)

Place frozen fruit in a 9x13 baking dish.
Add dry cake mix over the top. Pour soda slowly over cake mix. DO NOT stir the cake mix and the pop - this will give you a 'crust'.
If you stir the two, you will have a cake like topping.

Bake 350 for 45-50 min.

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