Friday, August 17, 2012

New Resturant in Nashville : Silo

By Christy

I promise I haven't given up baking and trying out recipes but I have been more on the social scene in Nashville the last couple of weeks. Last night was girls night, which for us is the perfect excuse to try out a new restaurant among the always evolving Nashville scene. A restaurant that has been high on our list to try as soon as it opened was Silo in the Germantown area of Nashville.

Last night was the first night the restaurant was open to the general public and sure enough we got our ressie for 7:45. Upon walking in this restaurant, I was instantly impressed by the very architecturally and aesthetically pleasing decor. The restaurant has a very warm and modern ambiance but has a touch of vintage class.

Now for the most important part.... the food! Silo focuses on a farm to fork menu, which basically means they use fresh local products to prepare their food. We covered our basis pretty good ordering wine, first and second courses, getting extra sides and we tried all of the available desserts. I am pretty sure there wasn't anything we had we didn't like.

My entree was the gulf shrimp, tasso "dirty" grits, tomato & okra stew and it was down right amazing! 

The menu was very unique, delicious and you could tell how fresh all the ingredients were. Most entrees were around $18 but the bang was worth the buck. I have no doubts that Silo will do well and if you are looking for a great new place for a date or a girls night put this on your to do list!

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