Monday, August 26, 2013

Christy's Summer

By Christy

Great Wall of China
White Water Rafting
Sarah wasn't joking when she said we have been having a busy summer! This summer has been a blast! Between going to China, spending 5 days in the mountains of Georgia and white water rafting the Ocoee River, spending a whole week on vacation at the beach and the best and most important event this summer was GETTING ENGAGED!
Boca Grande, FL vacation!

Moments prior to getting ENGAGED!

But, never fear! I did find time to squeeze in a little baking. After a spring filled with tons of cupcake orders this summer has brought about lots of iced sugar cookies and cakes! Yum! Here is a preview of just a few of my baking projects from the summer.

Anyways, excited to be back into the blogging mindset and can't wait to get back into making new recipes to share with you all. :)

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