Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Shaped Cake Tutorial

By Christy
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Halloween has been pretty quiet for me this year. No costume, most likley no trick or treaters (I only got 2 last year), and it has been ugly and rainy in Nashville ALL day today. It almost feels as if Hallween didn't really happen this year which makes me sad because I LOVE halloween and getting all dressed up and going to costume parties! But it definitley feels like fall and this tutorial is the perfect fall addition to your baking list. It is a super easy, semi homeade pumpkin shaped cake. How impressive would this look on your table at Thanksgiving, your next church dinner, book club, etc? Also, if you need a last minute halloween idea this pumpkin would look great if you iced a jack-o-latern face on it to take this dessert to the next level of fun and festive. 

Here is how to make a pumpkin shaped cake.
What's needed:
1 to 2 Cake mixes and all ingredients required
2 bundt cake pans
2 to 3 cups of icing
Food coloring
1 snickers bar
Step 1: You will need to make 2 bundt cakes of the same size. Depending on the size of your bundt cake pans, you may need to make up to two batches of cake mix. I had two small, 6 inch bundt pans, and 1 cake mix easily did the trick. I actually chose a spice cake... it seemed fitting for a cake shaped like a pumpkin. Bake bundt cakes as directed and let cool.  

Step 2: The way these cakes are assembled to look like a pumpkin is by placing two bundt cakes, with the bottoms facing each other, together. Most likely your bundt cakes didn't rise evenly resulting in a rounded portion of what is normally the bottom of a bundt cake. Normally since this is the bottom of the cake, it doesn't really matter that this portion isn't flat but since we will be butting the bottoms of the cakes together, we need to the cakes to fit together evenly. This will ensure the pumpkin's shape is more uniform. Therefore, with a cerated knife, cut the rounded area off the cake making the bottom completley flat. 
Step 3: Make Icing, I made my all time favorite cream cheese icing which paired well with the spice cake. Then dye the icing the color of your choice.
Step 4:  Place first cake, pretty side down, onto a serving plate. I filled the hole in the very center of the cake with scraps made from leveling the cakes. I then topped the cake with a generous portion of icing. Take the other bundt cake, flat side down, and place it on top of the other bundt cake while lining up the cakes so the lines match.
Step 5: Take remaining icing and ice the whole cake. I made the stokes going downwards instead of side to side to make it look more like the natural lines that run down a pumpkin. I again filled the well in the middle of the bundt cake with cake scraps and iced over it. 
Step 6: Take a snicker bar and cut it in half or a little large (depending on the size of your cake) at an angle to represent the stump. Stick the snickers into the center of the top. I stuck the chocolate end into the cake exposing the end with nuts and filling. I thought that extra detail made it look more like a stump that had been cut, just like on a real pumpkin.

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