Friday, October 18, 2013

Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies Tutorial

By Christy

Trick or treat!!!!I love this time of year! I love a great reason to dress up in costume, clearly from writing a baking blog, I love a good Treat, and if you know me personally you know I LOVE a good Trick! lol I love little pranks and scaring people. It's actually a daily challenge for me to jump out and scare Big Cat! LOL If you are like me and love being a prankster I will let you in on my favorite "Trick".... While driving down the road, and there is no one behind you, wait until your passenger is not paying attention to the road or your driving...SLAM on your breaks and SCREAM like you're about to hit something!

This is kind of evil but if you need a good laugh it is certain to make you cry in laughter when the passenger gets so scared. Just make sure you see their facial expression. It will be priceless. (Also, be prepared for your passenger to possibly punch you in the arm after. haha) But if you are short on cash but love a good haunted house this time of year, tide yourself over with this prank because it is pretty equivalent in the fun factor but much friendlier on the budget!

Now on to the "treat" part of Halloween. Our Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe has been a hit for years! This year I decided to give our cookie recipe a costume to wear for your next Halloween party!

This is a tutorial on how to make A Chocolate Chip Cookie covered in chocolate spiders.

Step 1:
Buy premade cookie dough or make a homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe. I whipped up the best ever chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Step 2: Portion out your cookies on a silpat or parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Before putting the cookies in the oven,  add chocolate chips to the top of the cookie to represent the "bodies" of the spider. Make sure the point of the chocolate chip goes into the cookie and the flat side is facing outwards. I preferred the cookies that had 1 to 2 spiders on them. Then bake cookies as directed by the recipe you use.
Before chocolate chips were added to top
Adding Chocolate Chips to represent the "bodies" of the spiders
Step 3: While cookies are cooling, you will need to temper chocolate that will be used to decorate the cookies with. If you don't have a double boiler you can easily temper chocolate using 2 sauce pans of 2 slightly different sizes. In the larger of the two saucepans add a few inches of water. Then put the smaller pan on top resting in the water and add the chocolate chips to the top pan. Turn the heat on high (turn down once water starts to boil). Stir chocolate chips constantly until they are melted and immediately take off heat. This method will slowly melt the chocolate in the top pan ensuring you don't burn or over heat the chocolate. (please ignore how dirty my stove top is in the below pictures, so embarrassing!!)

Step 4: Let chocolate sit 10 minutes to cool. In the meantime, prep your decorating utensils. I used a disposable icing bag, coupler, and  the #1 tip from Wilton. If you don't have these, use a zip lock bag and cut the tip of 1 corner off. Make sure the corner you cut is a SUPER tiny hole because you will need a pretty fine tip line to make these look real. Fill bag up with melted chocolate.


Step 5: Create the spiders. Please look at the picture below for each step of the spider. This step includes putting a dot connected to the chocolate chip to represent the spider's head and adding 8 legs (4 to each side). To get a good idea of the shapes I felt looked the most realistic refer to the picture below.

Step 5: Let sit until chocolate is hardened or chill in the refrigerator until hardened. Serve!
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