Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Christy is getting married!!

by Cindy
As you may have noticed, there has not been very much blogging going on here on the Buttercream Bakers Blog.  Everyone seems to be so busy, and we're getting ready for Christy's wedding, which is just days away.  I've added some pictures from the two showers that were given for her this last weekend.  We're sorry for the lag in posts and hopefully we will get back to it soon.

The first shower was given by Christy's soon to be mother-in-law, Paula, and 3 of her good friends.  The Kentucky Derby theme was so much fun and everyone dressed up and wore hats.  The food was so beautiful and presented so perfectly.  They served cupcakes in the shape of a wedding dress, cheese and crackers, mini pecan pies, chocolate turtle candy, fruit, nuts and the list goes on.  Red velvet cupcakes in individual boxes were given away as party favors.  There were red roses everywhere along with horse statues.  It was so much fun dressing up like we were at the Derby - it was almost like being there. I could feel the love flowing out of Paula that day.  She is such a sweet woman.  Her son, Ismail, is a lucky guy to have such a loving mother.



 The second shower was given by my girl friends.  They are 
6 of the most creative and wonderful people that I know.  
We all take turns having parties during the year, and they all 
do such a great jobs at hosting.  These girls have been such a
 blessing to me, and as Christy wrote on Facebook, she feels
 blessed by them also. 
 I  made the engagement ring cake, 
so at least one thing was made by one of the 
Butter Cream Bakers.  ha ha  The fruit was put on swizzle sticks
 like a kabob, and it was such a cute idea.  Chicken salad was 
served on crescents and there was a seven layer salad.  Cherry
 tomatoes were cut in half with a small ball of mozzarella cheese 
in the middle.  It was drizzled with something that was so good. 
I can't forget the pink punch that was served.  The cute glasses 
were garnished with fruit and there was a little alcohol involved
 in the making of it too. We do have fun. 
It was such a great weekend and everyone was so wonderful by
 gifting the bride to be and her soon to be husband.  
Christy better get all of the new bake ware and cookware
 out and get to work making something delicious.  
She has many new toys to play with in the kitchen. 

 This is Christy with my mom (the original baker) and me. 
Next I'll be making the wedding and groom's cake as I did
for Sarah for her wedding.  It's such an exciting time!!
Busy busy!!

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mark lawrence said...

Wishing you a happy married life. My sister arranged a cocktail party for her brother in law at one of the best Chicago wedding venues few weeks back. Mesmerizing shiny decorations and delicious food was well managed by caterers. Quality drinks were ordered. Bachelor theme cake cutting ceremony was actually funny.